“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.

Shared here starting at JOG.91 and goes to JOG.184.

“It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught by GOD.’ … .”
John 6.45 my paper revised standard version (mprsv)
I will be using a rsv online version, link provided here, OT 1952 NT 1946
a tanakh online version, link provided here,
for this study with comparison checking with mprsv, and my paper tanakh (mpt).
The WORD changes from book to book, thus I find comparison critical !!!!
The rsv online version also includes the following additional books:
1 Esdras
2 Esdras
Additions to the Book of Esther
Wisdom of Solomon
Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach
Letter of Jeremiah
Prayer of Azariah
Bel and the Dragon
Prayer of Manasseh
1 Maccabees
2 Maccabees
3 Maccabees
4 Maccabees
Psalm 151
The search and study begins:
1st search term “taught” appears 83 times.
Deut.4 olrsv
[5] Behold, I have taught you statutes and ordinances, as the LORD my God commanded me, that you should do them in the land which you are entering to take possession of it.
Deut.4 olt
[5] Behold, I have taught you statutes and ordinances, even as HaShem my G-d commanded me, that ye should do so in the midst of the land whither ye go in to possess it.
Deut.4 mpt {This is my preferred version for study in the OT} (This is a translation according to the Traditional Hebrew Text)
[5] See, I have imparted to you LAWS and Rules, as the LORD my GOD has commanded me, for you to abide by in the land that you are about to enter and occupy.
Compare this to the other three, this one is substantially different.
“LAWS & Rules.”
LAWS: only 10, the 1st 4 for our relationship with GOD, and the last 6 for our relationship with GOD’S children.  No matter how old you are you are still a child of GOD !!!!
Rules: Many guiding principles for interface with GOD, and HIS children to add support to the 10 LAWS.
“abide by”
Much more than just “do”, but to be with you every moment of your life for LIFE !!!!
“enter to occupy”
occupy: has a temporary connotation to it, and as you hopefully will extend this study beyond “taught”, you will learn that every PROMISE OF GOD is conditionally connect to the “LAWS and Rules.”
where as,
“possession”: has the context of ownership.
Deut.4 mprsv [Same as olrsv]
[5] Behold, I have taught you statutes and ordinances, as the LORD my God commanded me, that you should do them in the land which you are entering to take possession of it.
1. One cannot just study one version of one book and be in the SPIRIT of GOD.  I must study many versions and root out the W.H.A.T. OF GOD !!!! W.H.A.T. = WHOLLY HOLY ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
2. What do religions of men, judaism-christianity-islam-science; and satan, really teaching you ?????
3. GOD will impart, teach, HIS WAY to you if you will seek HIM out in SPIRIT.
4. What makes up a child of GOD?  Mind, Feelings, Flesh, Soul (the BREATH OF GOD in each of us).  As I continue on my long one on ONE journey I wonder is there a difference between Soul & Spirit?  I think the Spirit of a child of GOD is the encapsulation of the Mind, Feelings, Flesh, Soul.  I think every has a GOOD Soul, because that part of each of us comes from GOD.  However, the Mind can be taken over by feelings and feelings can be taken over by the mind.  The Flesh is merely the earth vessel that we exist in for our temporary time on earth.  Thus the Mind and Feelings can cause a child’s Spirit to be evil.  One cannot turn any Spirit to GOD, only GOD can through the willingness of the child to seek GOD out.  And some children will never even attempt to seek GOD out.  And GOD gave us a rule for rooting out evil within society, “The Death Penalty !!!!”  Today, the World Protects evil for they do not Trust in the W.H.A.T. OF GOD !!!!  And this leads into a whole other study.
5. GOD’S Conditional response to your Spirit !!!!

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