“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.
starting at JOG.91.

Wis.12 olrsv
[19] Through such works THOU has taught thy people that the righteous man must be kind, and thou hast filled thy sons with good hope, because thou givest repentance for sins.

This is the 6th book of the apocrypha. This book is said to be the Wisdom of Solomon, who was the Third, and last king, of a unified 12 Tribes of ISRAEL – action verb – of the PROCESS OF STRIVING WITH GOD OR ONE GOD STRIVES !!!!!!!


1. Are you kind to your siblings, friends, neighbors, enemies ????

2. Exodus 23.4 & 5. !!!!

3. Are you filled with GOD’S GOOD HOPE ????

4. Do you ISRAEL, the action verb, with GOD ????