1. JOG.1 through JOG.90 Introduction with selected verses JOG.4 colors

2. JOG.91 through JOG.184 “And they all SHALL BE TAUGHT BY GOD

3. JOG.185 through JOG.253 Study of 3s in scripture

4. JOG.254 through JOG.274 GOD & science

5. JOG.275 through JOG.366 GOD LIGHT & NATURE LIGHT

6. JOG.367 through JOG.378 GOD & judas

7. JOG.379 through JOG.392 GOD’S 10 LAWS 7X10 ~ &X!)

8. JOG.393 through JOG.458 some of my favorite verses in progress

9. verses of personal significance JOG.459 ~ JOG.761

10. JOG.764 through JOG.??? THE MINERAL OF GOD 7 X 7 

11. Future JOGs

special mention: 1) index added after 1st C with ak to improve discussion and visitor access and experience;