“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.
starting at JOG.91.

Wis.6 olrsv (Wisdom of Solomon)
[10] For they will be made holy who observe holy things in holiness,
and those who have been taught them will find a defense.

This is the 6th book of the apocrypha which I have not studied, so at this time I do not have multiple versions of the apocrypha to compare, so I will look at this verse for relationships to the books of the bibles I have studied.

This book is said to be the Wisdom of Solomon, who was the Third, and last king, of a unified 12 Tribes of ISRAEL – action verb – of the PROCESS OF STRIVING WITH GOD OR ONE GOD STRIVES !!!!!!!

Solomon is speaking to the leaders and rulers of the people all over the world, for many world leaders came to see Solomon because his wisdom had become world renowned.


1. The TEACHER of Solomon was GOD !!!!!!!

2. Do you recall that when GOD ASKED Solomon what he wanted, he said, “WISDOM” !!!!!!!

3. Do you observe the HOLY THINGS OF GOD ???????

4. If you observe the HOLY THINGS OF GOD you will be made HOLY !!!!!!!

5. Your HOLYNESS will be tested on Judgment Day !!!!!!

6. Are you taught by your religion ????

7. Or are you taught by GOD ???????

8. If you are being taught by GOD you will find a DEFENSE on Judgment Day !!!!!!

9. If you are being taught by religion, just look at what you are doing to the children of GOD today in this New World War !!!

10. If you are being taught by religion your only defense on Judgement Day will be to run like hell, burning up the pathway, to hell !!!!!!!

11. Those of religion, can you turn from your wicked ways today and return to GOD ???

12. Go and learn what GOD meant when HE SAID, “I DESIRE MERCY not sacrifice !!!!”