“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.


starting at JOG.91.

1Esdr.8 olrsv
[7] For Ezra possessed great knowledge, so that he omitted nothing from the law of the Lord or the commandments, but taught all Israel all the ordinances and judgments.

This is the 1st book of the apocrypha which I have not studied, so at this time I do not have multiple versions of the apocrypha to compare, so I will look at this verse for relationships to the books of the bibles I have studied.

In the front of the book it mentions the prophet Zechariah, so this is at the time of the formation of the religion of judaism by Ezra on order of the man-god king xerxes of persia.

You might know of the man-god king xerxes from the movie 300 ????

And this verse notes “Ezra” in it.

It indicates that Ezra “possessed great knowledge” – what was this great knowledge “so that he omitted nothing from the law of the lord or the commandments” – which law and which lord ????

Ezra was born in Babylon and in Greco-Latin Ezra is called Esdras, so this verse is from the 1st book of Ezra, wonder which book the book of Ezra in the bible without the apocrypha is to be numbered: #? ??

According to the Hebrew bible, #? Ezra, Ezra was a descendant of Seraiah the last High Priest in The First Temple, The Temple of Solomon that Nebuchadnezzar laid waste to, and we know from our previous JOGs of Jeremiah & Ezekiel, GOD distained these teachers of evil. Distain – consider to be unworthy of ONE’S, GOD’S, consideration.

So Ezra, makes a self-proclamation as to his evil ancestry. Sorry I just can’t make this stuff up. I think it was Mark Twain that said “Truth is stranger than fiction !”


1. So Ezra’s great knowledge is of his evil ancestors that lead people away from GOD? See JOG.114, and work your way up to this JOG.

2. “omitted nothing from the law” again whose law ??????

3. Ezra claims it to be the lord’s law, Ezra’s lord was man-god king xerxes !!!!!!

4. Oops, here is the catch, “taught all Israel” !! Israel, did not exist at the time of Ezra, only Judah in Jerusalem did !! What do you make of this ????

5. ISRAEL, is a verb actions OF ANCIENT OF DAYS, OF GOD, and not a noun, Israel, for a nation !!!! ISRAEL – to STRIVE with GOD or one GOD STRIVES !!!!!!!

6. Once, one understands Contemplation #5 it changes how one reads, contemplates, studies, and understands the WORD OF GOD !!!!!!!

7. Thus the “ordinances and judgments” Ezra used were again from his lord, man-god king xerxes !!

8. Go and read the book #? Ezra in the bible, verses 10.8, 10.10, 10.12 and the verses around these. What evil is this ??? For GOD welcomed all who sought HIM one on ONE face to FACE as NATIVE to HIM no matter their bloodlines !!!!!!!

9. The evil is the evil of salacious satan (SS) in manipulating the WORD OF GOD for one’s own gain as the SS first did to Eve in the Garden. Please go and read, contemplate, study, and understand appendix “d” in TOG 1 of GOD 20Feb2016 in FREE STUFF. For in the Ancient Of Days, the levites, left lower case to show servitude, were the servant butchers & bakers and servant house cleaners of the Tabernacle, and then the Temple for all the children of GOD who came to WORSHIP GOD !!!!

10. Does Ezra want to rule like the SS wants for his man-god king xerxes ??????

10. Does Ezra, the father of judaism, want to rule like the SS wants for his man-god king xerxes ??????

11. Can “mad” be substituted for “man” and it becomes mad-god Ezra for mad-god king xerxes ??????

12. You of judaism are you prepared to test your religion against the W.H.A.T. OF GOD’S WORD ? This goes for you other two of christianity-islam also ??

13. Is the man-god-holy-father pope of catholicism any different today ??????

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