“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.


starting at JOG.91.

Jer.2 olrsv
[33] How well you direct your course to seek lovers! So that even to wicked women you have taught your ways.

Jer.2 mprsv
[33] How well you direct your course to seek lovers! So that even to wicked women you have taught your ways.

Jer.2 olt
[33] Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love? therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways.

Jer.2 mpt
[33] How skillfully you plan your way to seek out love!  Why, you have even taught the worst of women your ways.

Jeremiah began his work as a man of GOD in 626 BCE as the Chaldeans had reigned hell upon the lost promised land for the past 24 years or so, for this is after II Chronicles 36.16.  Jeremiah would see the coming of Nebuchadnezzar, who would let him go free to roam the wilderness of what had been lost and destroyed.

Jeremiah is speaking to the city of jerusalem and the last surviving tribe of Jacob, Judah, but they to would come to an end in 587 with the destruction of Solomon’s Temple, the FOOTSTOOL OF GOD on earth.

The religion of judaism would take root around 517 and the Cyrus King of Persia’s Temple would begin to be built for GOD with control being taken by Ezra at the orders of Xerxes King of Persia, the god king from the movie 300.

Now lets Compare the verses:

The message is the same with subtle differences.

What is the message?

It takes much study from the beginning of Time !!!!

Here is my understanding:

The people could not live and love GOD as their KING & SAVIOUR, so they sought a king of the flesh, saul, and then came david, and then came Solomon, and after Solomon everything went to hell.

Some Code-Play thought: three kings of the flesh  and all hell brakes out in the promised land — today three religions of the flesh and all hell is braking out not only in the promised land but around the world.  Tribulation then and Tribulation today and Jeremiah’s prophecy applies to both.

The message is that the people of Israel prostetuted themselves to other kings of the flesh for protection because they didn’t TRUST IN GOD: “seek out love – lovers”.

And they prostituted with the worst of the wicked, those that had foreign gods !!!


1. Do you prostitute your self to men’s religions thinking your will be rewarded by GOD?

2. Which is the worst of the wicked three of j-c-i ???

3. Not “j” for their actions have been long forgotten, and today they claim their actions are in self-defense.

4. Not “c” for their actions came to a stalemate at the last crusade.

5. Therefore it must be “i” for in modernity how can one act so ?

6. Study, ignore time, and all three are identical in evil and hatred !!!

7. Do you really need them to have a relationship with GOD ????

8. Or do they need your mammon to survive and raise hell on earth ???

9. It every child of GOD stopped giving to them, all religions, would they survive ????

10. How much more would each child have to share with a neighbor ????

11. Does government not just become another religion through taxation claiming to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves ?????

12. We the people can do a much better job of taking care of our neighbors one on one than any government can for they can’t even control their internal corruption !!!!

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