“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.


starting at JOG.91.

As we have just had two verses in Proverbs Chapter 4 I thought I would share a group of my favorite verses from Proverbs Chapter 4 from my paper tanakh.

“MY son, listen to MY SPEECH; incline your ear to MY WORDS.  Do not lose sight of them; keep them in your mind.  They are LIFE to him who finds them, healing for his whole body.  More than all that you guard, guard your mind, for it is the source of LIFE.  Put crooked speech away from you; keep devious talk far from you.  Let your eyes look forward, your gaze be straight ahead.  Survey the course you take, and all your ways will prosper.  Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your feet from evil.”  Proverbs 4.20-27.

Please: Let your mind STRIVE with GOD THROUGH GOD one on ONE !!!!!!!