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1. “Should the heavens be shut up and there be no rain, because they HAVE SINNED AGAINST YOU, and then they PRAY toward THIS PLACE & ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR NAME & REPENT of their SINS, WHEN YOU ANSWER them, OH HEAR IN HEAVEN & PARDON THE SINS of YOUR servants, YOUR people ISRAEL, AFTER YOU HAVE SHOWN them THE PROPER WAY IN WHICH they R 2 WALK; & SEND DOWN rain upon the land which YOU GAVE TO YOUR people as their HERITAGE. So, too, if there is FAMINE in the land, if there is PESTILENCE, BLIGHT, MILDEW, LOCUSTS, or CATERPILLARS, or if an ENEMY OPPRESSES them in any of the settlements of the land. In any PLAGUE, and in any DISEASE, in any PRAYER or SUPPLICATION offered by ANY person among all YOUR people ISRAEL ~~~~ each of whom KNOWS his own AFFLICTION ~~~~ WHEN they SPREAD their palms toward THIS HOUSE, OH HEAR IN YOUR HEAVENLY ABODE, & PARDON & TAKE ACTION !!!! RENDER TO each person according to his ways AS YOU KNOW his mind to be ~~~~ 4 YOU ALONE KNOW the mind of every person ~~~~ so that they MAY REVERE YOU all the days that they live on the land THAT YOU GAVE TO our fathers.” I KINGS 8.35 ~~~~ 40 !X!!!!!!!X!!!!!!!

2. “If I SHUT UP the heavens and there is no rain; if I COMMAND the locust to ravage the land; or if I LET LOOSE PESTILENCE AGAINST MY people ~~~~~~~~ WHEN MY people, WHO BEAR MY NAME, humble themselves, PRAY, & SEEK MY FAVOR & TURN FROM their EVIL WAYS ~~~~~~~~ I WILL HEAR IN MY HEAVENLY ABODE & FORGIVE their SINS & HEAL their land.II CHRONICLES 7.13 & 14 !!!!!!!X!!!!!!!X!X!!!!

3. MATTHEW 5.18 !!!!!!!X!!!!!!!X!!!!

4. MATTHEW 7.13 & 14 !X!!!!!!!X!!!!!!! ]![ !!!!!!!X!!!!!!!X! JOG.1791 ~~~~ JOG.1802 ETAL

tanakh blue jps 4 THE OLD WORD 4 THE NEW WORD