THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

I have spent my entire life in america SEEKING GOD !X!!!!!!!

4 the last 20 years without religions of men !!!!!!

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. i always thought i was free to do this: they, their rulers, claim it to be the land of the free !!!!!!

2. in 2010 in an act of obama & his care it was ordered not to be !!!!!!

3. i waited 4 years then i stood my ground and said this cannot be ????

4. for 3 .5 years more i made my plea !X!!!!!!

5. then i was denied the right to vote !!!!!!

6. under absolute despotism i exhaled exasperation !!!!!!

7. they attacked me with absolute devastation !!!!!!

8. the media shouted fake news to support the rulers of the nation !!!!!!

9. for the last 17 months i’ve BEEN IN CONTEMPLATION WITH GOD !X!!!!!!!

10. they gathered together with a law of commerce, denied me my right to a 1ST Amendment defense, and crafted the definitions to guard their 3 Institutions !!!!!!

11. i was found guilty in less than an hour before noon 15-Dec-2017 !!!!!!

12. i said good by in a life ending way to protect the one with which i stay !X!!!!!!!

13. GOD DID NOT LET me PASS !!!!!!!X!] !!!!!!

14. i TRUST IN GOD !X!!!!!!! Isaiah 26.3-4

15. there must be a reason ????

16. they put me in prison for 115 days without a decision !!!!!!

17. they let me out 4 4 weeks !!!!

18. i returned to my JOGing !X!!!!

19. today one will sentence me !!!!!!

20. they have marked me !!!!!!

21. Has Lady Liberty become a whore for darkness ????

22. It seems every one is free in america:] but me WITH GOD !!!!!! [ !X!!!!!!! John 15.18 ~ 16.4

23. JOG.779 A VISION of one of their Founding Fathers ??????

24. thus i do not know if i will return to JOG for the one may choose to flog !!!!!!

25. you need not me to be free spiritually WITH GOD !!!!X!!!!!!!

26. so WALK WITH GOD day by day in HIS SPIRITUAL WAY !!!!X!!!!!!! John 4.23-24

27. i did sin: if i come to JOG tonight it will be a win !X!!!!  14-mAY-2018

28. 21-Nov-2018 0645: i  was released on probation and today 01-Dec-2018 i return with GOD to JOG: it i has taken some time as i work on re-entry in to society, but i have survived.

30. May THE SALT OF GOD CURE your spirit: Deuteronomy Chapter 30 ETAL !X!!!!!!!

31. They may take your flesh, but they cannot take your soul: that is GOD’S to destroy !!!!!!!  Revelations 20.11-15