With JOG.254 we begin a new study: it goes to JOG.274



So to kick this JOGing off lets set up an answers and questions sessions: {you may wonder about the order of answers and questions – it comes from one of my professors in engineering, he said, “I have given you all the answers, you just have to figure out the right questions.”

We will also use to acronyms: 1) GP – GOD’S PHYSIQUE; 2) NP – NATURE’S PHYSIQUE; 3) R – Reality; 4) T – Theory; and 5) F – Fiction.

Because GP seems to be the most indeterminate conglomeration we will begin our JOGs with the conglomeration of NP.

Answers 7 Questions ][ Questions 7 Answers (A&Q ][ Q&A):

1. NP’s “Pandora’s Box”: Each new discovery seems to unlock a bigger, even deeper questions of NP !!!! {R}

2. Theoretical Physics struggles with 18 what they call “Unsolved Mysteries”. {R}

3. When does one decide that they are lost ?

4. You park your physique into a Lazy Boy pull back on the landing gear, and settle in for an extended stroll through your grey matter or is it gray matter ??

5. Is the read Reality, Theory, or Fiction ???

6. Isn’t F the difference between R & T ?_??

7. Can’t our minds play tricks on us ????

8. And how much F can one create when working in T and the mind is playing tricks on us ??????

9. And as the T runs wild, how Dark does the F have to become before we decide we are lost in the Deep Woods of NP ????

10. When do we take notice, push forward on the landing gear, and move to a different Lazy Boy ??

11. These JOGs are intended to begin the Inception for a new Lazy Boy !!

12. Will we begin by taking a look at the 18 T Unsolved Mysteries applied from the dreams and thoughts of a Crazy Boy, a New T !!!!

13. Where we conclude who knows, but the GOAL LINE is THE UGET (The Ultimate Grand Explanation Theory) !!!!!!!

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