This study will be a biblical study of threes; groups of three like words or phrases or numbers, or results.  It goes to JOG.253.

Please open your spirit (mind-heart-soul) to this study always back-checking and testing it with GOD one on ONE face to FACE soul to SOUL spirit to SPIRIT !!!! !!!!!!! !

The journey begins:

The best known and most infamous group of threes is most likely 6-6-6 Revelation 13.18. It is interesting to note some CodePlay that 18 = 6+6+6 !!!

“This calls for wisdom: let him(1) who has understanding reckon(2) the number of the beast, for it is a human number(3), its(4) number is six hundred and sixty six(5).(g)” Revelation 13.18. mprsv (my paper revised standard version)
(1) The esv has “the one” in place of “him” (esv – english standard version)
(2) The esv has “calculate” in place of “reckon”.
(3) The esv has “the number of a man” in place of “a human number”.
(4) The esv has “and his” in place of “its”.
(5) The esv does not have “six hundred and sixty six” it uses 666.
(g) Other ancient authorities read six hundred and sixteen [616].


1. Why do more modern versions change the WORD OF GOD ???

2. “him” to “the one”: “So GOD created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the IMAGE of GOD HE created him; male and female HE created them.” Genesis 1.27. It was the 6TH DAY.

3. Can you understand that the term “him” used BY GOD is generic ????

4. In the SPIRIT OF GOD “him” allows for any one of GOD’S children of any sex to have understanding and reckon the number !!!!

5. One cannot “calculate” Understanding, one must “RECKON” it with GOD ! !!!!!!!

6. “RECKON”: consider or regard in a specified way: TO GOD THROUGH GOD ! !!!!!!!

7. Many without understanding have calculated one or the other or both 666 and 616 for application to many different people, events, actions, or symbols !!! I have yet to study one that applies their cipher with the 17 verses that precede 13.18.

8. My reckoning of understanding 13.18 and the 17 verses before was to start at the beginning, Genesis 1.1 and STRIVE (RECKON) with GOD one on ONE face to FACE soul to SOUL spirit to SPIRIT and let HIS WISDOM build my understanding in my work “of GOD ?” a free download called TOG 1 of GOD 20Feb2016 in FREE STUFF.

9. Read, study, contemplate, understand appendix “d” “the 8TH sin” pages 523 – 526 in “of GOD ?” Then move to 10.

10. Read, study, contemplate, understand appendix “c” pages 515 – 522 in “of GOD ?” titled “the beasts of the dragon – a comparative study: Revelation Chapter 13 with three monotheistic religions of today Judaism – Christianity – Islam.”

11. Do not be dismayed and stop, step beyond the ways of men and let this biblical study play out in the SPIRIT until it is concluded !!!!

12. Who knows, maybe it will all fall apart with your complete reckoning ????

13. Maybe your RECKONING will come to WHOLLY HOLY ABSOLUTE TRUTH THROUGH THE SPIRITS OF GOD: Revelation 5.6 !!!!!!!