THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

Deuteronomy 29:22 tanakh blue jps (29.23 in rsv bible)

To grasp this one verse begin at Deuteronomy 29.1 and read thru to 29.28.

As has been said before on cannot grasp and cling to one word or one verses and have complete understanding of THE WORD OF GOD !!!!

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. Are you STRIVING WITH GOD one ON ONE ????

2. Will you have THE SALT OF GOD PLACED IN you by GOD 4 LIFE ????

3. Or will you have THE SALT OF GOD SPRINKLED ON you along with sulfur on JUDGMENT DAY ???? JOG.767 A&Q ][ Q&A: 11.

4. you must STRIVE WITH GOD one ON ONE without men’s religions for GOD TO PLACE HIS SALT IN you !!!! Exodus 20.3 & 20.4-6 etal.