THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

Genesis 14.3. tanakh jps blue

“all the latter joined forces at the Valley of Siddim, now the Dead Sea (Salt Sea)”

The entire chapter 14 of genesis is worth reading: the priest of GOD MOST HIGH makes their 1st appearance.

A priest of GOD MOST HIGH before religions of men claiming to own the way to GOD ???

Lets take a look at some historical information on “SALT” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

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1. All life has evolved to depend on its chemical properties to survive

2. It has been used by humans for thousands of years, from food preservation to seasoning.

3. Salt’s ability to preserve food was a founding contributor to the development of civilization.

4. It helped to eliminate dependence on seasonal availability of food, and made it possible to transport food over large distances.

5. However, salt was often difficult to obtain, so it was a highly valued trade item, and was considered a form of currency by certain peoples.

6. Many salt roads, such as the via Salaria in Italy, had been established by the Bronze age.

7. All through history, availability of salt has been pivotal to civilization.

8. The Natron Valley was a key region that supported the Egyptian Empire to its north, because it supplied it with a kind of salt that came to be called by its name, natron.

9. Salt was of high value to the Jews, Greeks, the Chinese, Hittites and other peoples of antiquity.

10. Aside from being a contributing factor in the development of civilization, salt was also used in the military practice of salting the earth by various peoples. tanakh jps blue genesis 19.25-26 “HE {GOD} ANNIHILATED those cities (Sodom & Gomorrah) and the entire Plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities and the vegetation of the ground. Lot’s wife looked back, (behind Lot), and there upon turned into a pillar of salt.” genesis 19.17 GOD through HIS ANGEL GABRIEL warned them not to look back.

11. Salting the earth, or sowing with salt, is the ritual of spreading salt on conquered cities to symbolize a curse on their re-inhabitation {Lot’s wife an example for all !!!!}

12. Today, salt is almost universally accessible, relatively cheap, and often iodized.