THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

Numbers 18.19 2nd sentence: tanakh jps blue

“It shall be an EVERLASTING COVENANT of SALT (JOG.768) before THE LORD for you and your offspring as well.”

When you STRIVE WITH GOD be very careful about taking one word from HIS WORD and stamping it in stone:

EVERLASTING“: EVERYTHING FROM GOD for man is CONDITIONAL: Deuteronomy Chapter 30 ~ ~ ~ ~ and HIS chosen failed to HEED HIS WORDS ~ ~ ~ ~ 2 Chronicles 36.16 {the eighth verse from the end of the tanakh jps blue} !!!!

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. JOG.768 A&Q ][ Q&A:. 4. Please WORK THE SALT OF GOD into your life !!!!
2. We children OF GOD are all sinners of the flesh !!!!
3. Let us not be sinners against GOD !!!!
4. please SEEK GOD one ON ONE so that HE WILL SALT your life 4 LIFE !!!!