“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.


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Sir.6 olrsv (Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach)
[32] If you are willing, my son, you will be taught, and if you apply yourself you will become clever.

This is the 7th book of the apocrypha. This book is completely disconnected from any of the other books of the bible, and thus I have never done any study or contemplation of the book until now.

This book is said to be the ethical teachings of one Joshua ben Sira from 200 – 175 BCE, or some 233 years after the last book of the tanakh. And some 300 years after the establishment of the religion of judaism around the time of Ezra, or Ezra the scribe who took power over Jerusalem and the 2nd temple of Solomon. If you recall Ezra self-proclaimed linage back to the Levi, son of Jacob of ISRAEL. Ben Sira is said to have been a jewish scribe. So Ben Sira was a ruler, or held a high position of power within the religion of judaism.

Because of the disconnection of this book from the rest of the published tanakh or bible I will look at it relative to what I understand of the SPIRIT OF GOD and what GOD MEANS, “I DESIRE MERCY NOT SACRIFICE !!!!!!!”

Let us first look at Sir.0 said to have been written by the grandson of Be Sira while he was in Egypt. Egypt was in the Ptolemaic Period, and had yet to be crushed by Rome.

[1-14] Whereas many great teachings have been given to us through the law(1) and the prophets(2) and the (3-others that followed them-3),(4), on account of which we should praise Israel for instruction and wisdom; and since it is necessary not only that the readers themselves should acquire understanding but also that those who love learning should be able to help the outsiders by both speaking and writing, my grandfather Jesus, after devoting himself especially to the reading of the law and the prophets and the other books of our fathers, and after acquiring considerable proficiency in them, was himself also led to write something pertaining to instruction and wisdom, in order that, by becoming conversant with this also, those who love learning should make even greater progress in living according to the law.

(1) The absolute strict written letter to letter of the law is what judaism was based on. The religion of judaism is completely lacking the SPIRIT OF GOD, of the priests as servants not rulers, and that all, no matter bloodline, were welcome to GOD as NATIVE if they would only ISRAEL, the action verb, which means to STRIVE with GOD or one GOD STRIVES.

(2) It was the prophets that these people rejected, and GOD CIRCUMCIZED them from HIM. II Chronicles 36.16, which is the eigth to the last verse of the jps tanakh blue.

(3- -3) Thus they can claim as scribes they are the teachers, the only ones qualified to teach, the law.

(4) Go and read Deuteronomy 30.11-14, and then 15. Then go and read Exodus 20.3. You need no one to go to GOD. Let GOD ALONE be your TEACHER.


1. Contemplate Sir.0 [1-14] and the footnotes and bible verses referenced.

2. Sir.6 [32] “you will be taught”, taught by the teachers, rulers, of the religion of judaism: not GOD !

3. Do the teachers, rulers, of your religion teach you their law ???

4. Are the laws of religion really any different, kill all who are not like you, foreigners, heathens, infidels ???

5. Are the laws of religion really the LAWS OF GOD ?????

6. Are you “clever” in and with your religion ??? synonyms in & 4 religion: 6. shrewd · 6. talented · 6. gifted · 6. capable · 6. able · 6. competent · 6. apt · 6. educated · 6. learned · 6. knowledgeable · 6. wise ???

7. How does GOD SEE you THROUGH HIS EYES ??????? Revelations 5.6.