THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

II Kings 2.19 ~ 22: tanakh blue jps

“The men of the town said to Elisha, ‘Look, the town (Jericho) is a pleasant place to live in, as my lord can see; but the water is bad and the land causes bereavement.’ He responded, ‘Bring me a new dish and put salt in it.’ They brought it to him; he went to the spring and threw salt into it. And he said, ‘Thus SAID THE LORD: I HEAL this water; no longer shall death and bereavement come from it!’ The water has remained wholesome to this day, in accordance with THE WORD SPOKEN by Elisha.”

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1. JOG.767 A&Q ][ Q&A: 1

2. “the water is bad”: allegorically today the religions of men are bad !!!!!!

3. “the land causes bereavement”: allegorically today the world is filled with bereavement due to judaism-christianity-islam seeking ownership and control of GOD in this Third World War !!!

4. “a new dish”: allegorically A NEW VOICE OF ANCIENT OF DAYS !X!!!!!!!

5. WITH THE SALT OF GOD IN it X!!!!!!!X!

6. Will you LET THE SALT OF GOD DISSOLVE into you ????

7. GOD WILL HEAL !!!!!!!