THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

Isaiah 30.24: tanakh blue jps

“as for the cattle and the asses that till the soil, they will partake of salted fodder that has been winnowed with shovel and fan !!”

allegorically: 1) each one of us make up the cattle & asses; 2) the soil is one’s SOUL; 3) SALTED is having GOD in our lives; & 4) only by being WINNOWED, TRIED & TESTED, BY GOD can each one of us PARTAKE OF LIFE WITH GOD after death !!!! 7 !!!!

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. Do you till your SOIL {SOUL} for GOD ????

2. Or do you let a religion of men fertilize your SOIL {SOUL} for satan ????

3. How do you know if you have not been TAUGHT DIRECTLY BY GOD ???? The Gospel of John 6.45 linked to Revelation 5.6 !!!!!!!X!

4. Please LET GOD TEACH you one ON ONE !X!!!!!!!