THE MINERAL OF GOD: SALT starting at JOG.764

Joshua 15.62: tanakh blue jps (Note: it differs from the rsv christian bible with an additional city)

“Nibshan, Ir-me-lah (the City of Salt), and En-gedi:”

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. These are cities of Judah in the wilderness.

2. Judah the whelp of the lion of the linage of David.

3. The linage of Joseph dad but not FATHER OF JESUS.

4. The linage, scriptural linage not a literal linage of human flesh, for GOD TO COME TO earth in HIS FLESH !!!!!!! Please study “John 3:16 does not stand alone !!!!!!!” from FREE STUFF

5. THE SALT OF GOD SAVED ISRAEL {THE one ON ONE PROCESS VERB OF STRIVING WITH GOD} in the wilderness !!!!!!!X!!!! Genesis 32.28 rsv footnote “u” “ISRAEL” ~ “That is he {generic pronoun of GOD} who STRIVES WITH GOD or GOD STRIVES !X!!!!!!! ~ !!!!!!!X!}” So it matters not your sex !!!!

6. But the people rejected GOD !!!!!!

7. SO GOD REJECTED them !!!!!!! ] !!!! 2 Chronicles 36.16 !!!!!!

8. STRIVE WITH GOD & LEARN FROM GOD, John 6.45, that there is no difference between he & she sinners when it comes to SHARING THE SALT & WORD OF GOD !!!!~!!!!