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“You shall not steal.” Exodus 20.13 mpt

“You shall not steal.” Exodus 20.15 mprsv

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. I did this when I was very little !

2. I use to take money from my parents !

3. There is story behind why I did this,

4. not for justification,

5. but for understanding !X!!!!

6. i have been ornery and independent my whole life ! ]]]] \\\\ !!!!!!

7. i have two older brothers, and one day, 52 years ago, when i was five our grandfather was teasing us with a 5 stick pack of juicy fruit gum. my two older brothers gave up and went off pouting and crying. i didn’t give up! i snapped his suspenders, took his spittoon, wrestled with him, and then i went outside, dropped his pickup keys in the gas tank of his pickup and came back in and stood between the legs of this huge seated authority and told him to his face, “i fixed you, i threw your keys in the gas tank”. It was a 1960s ford pick-up and the gas tank was behind the bench seat in the cab. They took the gas gage sending unit cover off and fished the keys out with a wire coat hanger. i didn’t get in trouble. Afterwards, when we would visit our grandparents at their restaurant our grampa always gave us a bottle of pop and a candy bar. When we were done he always gave me seconds, but not the other two.

8. A few years ago an aunt told me my brothers hated me because of this !!>>!

9. i guess it was because they wanted to be taken care of without having to do anything ????

10. Here is the why i sinned this sin:

11. my dad use to give each of us a calf as a gift each year.

12. When we were older there was a discussion about taking the calves one year and buying a mini-bike !!!!!

13. i did not agree !

14. i knew with a brother 5 years older than me, and another 2 years older than me, i wouldn’t get to ride it much;

15. and by the time it came for me to use it would be junk !!!!

16. So i said i didn’t want my calf to be used to buy it !

17. i was ignored ! [ !!!!

18. They sold the calves !!

19. They took all the money and got the mini-bike !!!!

20. What i knew came true !!!!

21. When i got the mini-bike it was junk !!!!

22. i guess i was covertly taking back what had been taken from me ????

23. i think my parents knew, but they never said !!!!

24. Please don’t ever cheat your kids !!!!

25. Please don’t ever cheat GOD !!!!