Began at JOG.379.

“For this {JOG.379} applies to all mankind: that GOD WILL CALL every creature to account for (s-)everything unknown.(-s) Be it GOOD or BAD. !!!!” Ecclesiastes 12.13 2nd half.

(s- -s) Emendation (the process of making a revision or correction to a text) yields “all their conduct.”

A&Q ][ Q&A:

1. i would say that it, “everything unknown“, relates to all the secrets we hide inside ourselves that GOD CAN SEE. We can’t hide anything from  GOD !!!!!!!

2. When i stand one ON ONE face TO FACE WITH GOD will i bow in humility 7 contriteness, or will i turn & run in fear ??

3. every creatureone by oneone ON ONE !X!!!!!!!

4. ask yourself: “when they lived did every creature have a pulse?”

5. now ask yourself “did a religion ever have a pulse?”

6. religions have no pulse no life today, they live off your mammon sacrifice !!!!!!

7. Please quit buying into their falseness !!!!

8. They will shrink away & disappear !!!!!!

9. But you will live on with a pulse as a creature OF GOD !!!!

10. Take special notice of your version of scripture and compare to others because the words change from Tanakh to Tanakh (Direct Hebrew to English Translations) and also from Bible to Bible, and even more so as newer and newer bibles are produced attempting to force the meaning of THE WORD OF GOD to fit religions for modern creatures.

11. So much is the WORD changed that it actually changes the meaning.

12. Judas didn’t REPENThe changed his mind !!

13. In the rsv 1946 Judas REPENTED !X!!!!!!!

14. In the esv 2001 Judas only changed his mind !x!!!!!!

15. Guard your mind not your heart !!!!