my shared study of the WORD related to
groups of three
starting with JOG.185.

Do you read the words of the bible or do you seek understanding of them from GOD ??

You christians who believe that you need not work with GOD from Beginning to End through the ALPHA 7 OMEGA, how much of the SPIRITS OF GOD are you living without ???????

For many christian sects, if not all by now, teach that their christ fulfilled the old words of GOD and that those words of GOD are no longer important !!!

Just the other day near an open market, two of these christians were standing on a street corner spewing the words of SPaul, their god father Saul who became SPaul.

I stopped and asked if I could ask them some questions !!!!

They were happy to accommodate !!

I simply asked them what the FIRST COMMANDMENT OF GOD was: they could not answer !

I asked them if they believed in the trinity: they said yes !

I went on to explain the FIRST LAW OF GOD, “You shall have no other gods before-between-beside ME !!!!!!!”, and then I explained the only place for manmade religion in GOD’S FIRST LAW of Ancient Of Days, Old Testament, is as a bad little god between them and GOD !!!!!!!!

I said the trinity was from a manmade religion and not the WORD OF GOD !!!!!!

I had them hold up their left hand and hold their thumb and little-finger in the palm of their hand !!!! I explained that what they were looking at was the definition of the christian trinity, one hand one god with three fingers, heads, never to confuse the fingers with each other, but never separate them from GOD !!!!

One said, “But, jesus is GOD !!”

The other said, “jesus is the father, they are one !!”

Then I asked if they had a soul ??

They both said, “YES” !!

I asked them if JESUS had a SOUL ??

They both said, “YES” !!

Then I said, “JESUS’ SOUL IS THE HOLY SPIRIT !!!!!!!”

Then I said, “JESUS IS THE FATHER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT THEY ARE ONE !!!!!!!” (caps not for shouting but to FULLY HONOR GOD in text)

I then held up my right hand with my index finger sticking up, all the other fingers and thumb cupped in my hand, and said, “i believe in the ONE GOD OF ONE PERSONAGE !!”

They said that is the GOD they believe in and not the trinity !!

With all humility that belongs between them and GOD !!!!!!!

I took no pride in some victory with what occurred, but I departed with deep hidden sadness, for all the lost sheep of GOD’S that have been led astray by religions of men, and who now stand on street corners as servants of their god spewing what has been white washed over and over _ again and again into their minds !!!!

Do you think GOD will accept you if you are living apart from HIM without PART OF HIM not connecting the ALPHA 7 OMEGA from Beginning to End ??????

Now to our verse for this little JOG, tickle of the mind, to think about GOD WITH GOD one on ONE face to FACE soul to SOUL spirit to SPIRIT !_!!!!!!!

“Thus Saul died, and his three sons, and his armor-bearer, and all his men, on the same day together. ” I Samuel 31.6.


1. There are six elements in this verse, Saul, Three Sons, and an Armor-Bearer, and all the men who followed !!!!!!

2. Five elements at the start of Revelation Chapter 16. The Beast, The False Prophet, and Three Foul Spirits, and if you continue on a in Revelation the 6TH element of all those who live without GOD !!!!!!

3. Saul was an evil beast !

4. His Armor-Bearer the False Prophet !

5. The Three Sons, the Three Foul Spirits !

6. All of them and their followers serving the Dragon, salacious satan !!!!!!

7. Please choose today to reject them, begin your search for GOD from the Beginning, working all the way to the End, and serve GOD by sharing with others and that they to can find GOD one on ONE face to FACE soul to SOUL spirit to SPIRIT for LIFE WITH GOD !!!!!!!