my shared study of the WORD related to
groups of three
starting with JOG.185.

Who is seeking you and who are you seeking ??????_?

This verse links to JOG.248.

“So Saul arose and went down to the wilderness of Ziph, with three thousand chosen men of Israel, to seek David in the wilderness of Ziph. ” I Samuel 26.2.


1. Evil will never stop seeking you !!!!!!_!

2. ISRAEL: STRIVE with GOD one on ONE face to FACE soul to SOUL spirit to SPIRIT for all time without any hindrance between you and GOD and GOD WILL WELCOME you HOME !!!!!!!

3. Evil will seek to take your life, and the three religions of judaism-christianity-islam are doing just that, but they can only take your LIFE if you join with by surrender your FREE WILL to them and their evil !!!!!!

4. GOD will put an end to them !!!!!!!. Revelation Chapter 15-19 the beginning and ending of Armageddon !!

5. Awe, and you thought Armageddon was the end ????

6. Only salacious satan will remain after Armageddon !

7. GOD will lock salacious satan away for 1,000 years as ONE FINAL GESTURE OF GRACE & MERCY for those living to come to LIFE !!!!!!!

8. Then the end will come !!!!!!!

9. And then the DAY OF JUDGMENT will take place !!!!!!!

10. Contemplation C-6 thru C-9 Revelation Chapter 20.

11. Are you resting in evil religions for protection on the DAY OF JUDGMENT ??????

12. Or are you living in GOD for protection on the DAY OF JUDGMENT ???????

13. Do you yet understand that GOD WILL NOT JUDGE ????

14. You, yourself, will judge yourself by your knowledge of GOD as you stand one on ONE face to FACE soul to SOUL spirit to SPIRIT before GOD without any one or any thing separating the two of you: i am before the I AM !!!!_!!!!!!!

15. Will you recognized GOD 4 W>H>A>T HE IS and bow down to HIM ????

16. Or will you be so scared your defecation and urination will pool at your feet before you turn and run away ????

17. If you recognized the W>H>A>T, GOD will welcome you HOME !!!!_!!!!!!!

18. If you if run from GOD on JUDGEMENT DAY the lake of fire is your sanctuary !!!!!!_!!!!!!_!!!!!!

19. Enjoy your swim of the SECOND DEATH !!!!!!