I was brought up as a christian, but i always wanted to know for myself who GOD WAS ???????  See FREE STUFF for my works of GOD.

As I was studying and testing my understanding with GOD this morning i came across this verse from my rsv christian bible”

“Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yea, wait for the LORD!”  Psalm 27.14.

I see christianity as a manmade religion of “Have faith, confess in the son the second head of our god, wait around without works and you will be saved!”

Now contrast their version of Psalm 27.14 with the Hebrew version:

“Look to the LORD; be strong and of good courage!  O look to the LORD!”

Looking requires working not sitting around waiting!

Has GOD defined what it means to look for HIM?  Yes!  ANCIENT OF DAYS ISRAEL – one who STRIVES with GOD or GOD STRIVES. It takes work!

Maybe that is why GOD told the Samaritan Woman at the well “GOD is SPIRIT, and those who worship HIM must worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH !!!!!!!”

Please quit waiting for GOD and go and look for GOD’S SPIRIT & TRUTH !!!!!!!

Good Morning !!!!  Welcome to BIGWOR: Believing in GOD WithOut Religion  !!!!!!!  Here spreading GOD’S WORD about religion and GOD ??  Religious darkness is consuming us today !!!!  May GOD SHINE HIS LIGHT on us about the darkness of men’s religions so each of us can return to GOD one on ONE !!!!  Seek GOD with GOD as a child and U shall find HIM !!!!!!!  Go only with GOD for WHOLLY HOLY ABSOLUTE TRUTH in your search for HIM !!!!