“And they all shall be taught by GOD” my study of the WORD related to this.
starting at JOG.91.

Sus.1 olrsv (Susanna)
[3] Her parents were righteous, and had taught their daughter according to the law of Moses.

This is the 11th book of the apocrypha. It is a partial book with only one chapter.

With very preliminary research there is debate about the authenticity of this book:  1) Did the jewish scribes keep it out of the tanakh; 2) Some edited as part of Daniel; and 3) there yet other opinions.

The “old book” – the tanakh & the new testament, I think it is safe to say are incomplete !!!

The only way to study it then is in the SPIRIT OF GOD connecting HIM from beginning to end in HIS SEVEN LIGHTS-FACETS-EYES-SPIRITS !!!!!!! Exodus 25.31-37; Zechariah 3.9; Revelation 5.6.; Revelation 22.13; & Ecclesiastes 1.10-11.

Because of the disconnection of this book from the rest of the published tanakh or bible I will look at it relative to what I understand of the SPIRIT OF GOD and what GOD MEANS, “I DESIRE MERCY NOT SACRIFICE !!!!!!!”

[1] This verse is apparently missing from the original manuscript.
[2] And he(1) took a wife named Susanna, the daughter of Hilkiah(2), a very beautiful woman and one who feared the Lord.(3)

(1) The he is Joakim from [4]. Unconnected to Joakim of the tanakh at this time.

(2) Wikipedia – High Priest of the 1st Temple 639-609 BCE and discovered the book of the law in the Temple in 622, this is post separation of the 12 Tribes, so his reign is related to Judah. This is supported by the other verses.

(3) This is in the Time of Jeremiah. Jeremiah’s WORDS OF GOD are very harsh and very much against the high priests that claim to teach the LAW OF GOD as studied previously. Yet this High Priest and his wife taught their daughter. Did she study the WORD OF GOD on her own?

Please go and read the book, before considering the Contemplation !!!!


1. Do you study the WORD OF GOD with GOD one on ONE ????

2. Or are you told what the WORD OF GOD means by the teachers, rulers, judges of your religion that claims to own the way to GOD ???

3. Two elders from Babylon come to judge [5]. GOD allowed their exile to Babylon because they were evil.

4. Jerusalem had not yet fallen to Nebuchadnezzar, so were these two of the other separated tribes, and not of Judah?

5. The elders are evil.

6. Susanna cried [42] “O eternal God, who dost discern what is secret, who art aware of all things before they come to be, …”

7. The events of this book must have occurred shortly after the book of the LAW was found by her father in the Temple.

8. For a short time the people were spared the onslaught of the destruction of Jerusalem and the 1ST TEMPLE because the king turned back to GOD and tried to get the people to turn back to GOD.

9. Do not follow the teachings, rules, or judgments of men.

10. Trust only in GOD one on ONE face to FACE as Susanna had done in study and in her time of need !!!!!!!