Good Morning !!!!

Welcome to BIGWOR: Believing in GOD WithOut Religion !!!!!!!

The attempted art and code beyond the text, and color of the website related to capitalization and punctuation.  The all capitalized words are not an attempt to yell but to show absolute reverence for GOD and THINGS very specifically associated with GOD.  The use of multiple !!!! and ???? is associated with the theme of the sentence.  Two marks is related to things of humans and daily life.  Three marks are associated with the big three religions j-c-i.  Four marks is associated with the Four Winds and their effects.  SEVEN marks are associated with CONTENT very specifically related to GOD.  This, the colors, and the blog title “JOG ME” is intended to nudge each of us a little deeper in our thoughts of GOD and what HE has to teach us about life on earth and the possibilities of LIFE with HIM, if we strive with HIM one on ONE face to FACE !!!!

BIGWOR: Here spreading GOD’S WORD !!!!  Religion and GOD ??  Religious darkness is consuming us today !!!!  May GOD SHINE HIS LIGHT on us about the darkness of men’s religions so each of us can return to GOD one on ONE face to FACE !!!!