Good Morning !!!!  Welcome to BIGWOR: Believing in GOD WithOut Religion !!!!!!!  Here spreading GOD’S WORD about religion and GOD ??  Religious darkness is consuming us today !!!!  May GOD SHINE HIS LIGHT on us about the darkness of men’s religions so each of us can return to GOD one on ONE !!!!  Seek GOD with GOD as a child and U shall find HIM !!!!!!!  Go only with GOD for WHOLLY HOLY ABSOLUTE TRUTH in your search for HIM !!!!  Check out FREE STUFF for what I have learned in my seeking of GOD !!!!

“O give thanks to the LORD, call on HIS NAME, make known HIS DEEDS among the peoples !!!!”  I Chronicles 16.8

“Remember the WONDERFUL WORKS that HE has DONE, the WONDERS HE WROUGHT, the JUDGMENTS HE UTTERED !!!!”  I Chronicles 16.12.

There is no gambling with GOD like with men’s religions, there is only W.H.A.T. with GOD !!!!

Please remember that all caps in these jogs and website are not for yelling, but are for HONORING GOD !!!!  Take a look at JOG.9 AM and JOG. 4 PM !!

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